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With enough knowledge of the law, the progress of a building project can be controlled from beginning to end, to ensure that work is completed to the satisfaction of the owner, and that payment is made to the satisfaction of the contractors.


Thomas J. Westgard

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On the other hand, unnecessary litigation can result from ignoring principles of Illinois mechanics lien law. Yet these principles are often overlooked until after the damage has been done, because the participants in the project are unaware of their rights and obligations under the law.

The author of this site, attorney Thomas J. Westgard, recognized a need for better information about Illinois mechanics liens while representing clients in this area. He found that there was little guidance available, not only in how to create and enforce these liens, but above all, how to use this part of the law to its intended purpose: to guide construction projects to the satisfactory result intended by the parties at the time the project was begun. This is, after all, the best result possible.

The mechanics lien matters which Mr. Westgard handles include:

  • drafting contracts, including construction contracts; contracts for the purchase, sale and lease of personal and real property, including residential and business property; as well as settlement contracts for out-of-court resolution of disputes.
  • drafting of other mechanics lien-related documents, such as sworn statements, releases, waivers, and the like.
  • commercial litigation, including mechanics lien foreclosure, collections, contract disputes, and similar matters
  • negotiating and closing business transactions
  • statutory compliance and legal audits

Mr. Westgard is admitted to practice in the Circuit and Appellate Courts of the State of Illinois, and further is admitted before the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois, as well as the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit. He is a graduate of Indiana State University and Ohio Northern University - Pettit College of Law.

Before becoming a lawyer, Mr. Westgard earned a living as a carpenter installing hardwood floors with high-quality custom inlays, and as a forktruck driver in a factory where metal blanks are cut and annealed. He also worked for a short time as a plumber. Mr. Westgard is a native speaker of English, is fluent in German, reads and writes French and Spanish, and speaks French and Spanish with limited capacity.

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