Illinois Mechanics Liens

Boats, Watercraft, and Mobile Homes

 It may seem bizarre that claims against boats are included in the Illinois Mechanics Lien law. After all, claims against ordinary cars, trucks, and motorcycles are not considered Mechanics Lien matters, being instead covered by a different Act of the Illinois Legislature.  


Nevertheless, services for watercraft and mobile homes, such as repairs, towing, lending, etc., are covered by the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act. The likely policy behind this is that, in terms of time and expense the worker puts into the job, services rendered for a large vehicle such as a houseboat or something even larger, are more like working on a building than on a car, thus justifying the more significant procedural structure of the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act.

Thus, if you provide services or material for construction, repair, or storage of watercraft or mobile homes, if you are a lender that provides financing to owners, or if you are an owner of watercraft or a mobile home, review the other pages of this site to gain a better understanding of your situation and the options available to you.

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