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I look forward to assisting you in resolving the legal issues you are facing. Please read a few paragraphs to get a better idea of how I can help you with a variety of situations which frequently arise in the construction industry in Illinois. More information is available by clicking on the various links at the side of the page.


The highest purpose of the law is to prevent disputes, not create them.

This motto is the core of my practice. The means by which this purpose is put into effect, is by establishing a system for identifying the problems that lead to disputes, and a system for resolving them as efficiently as possible. My role is to assist my clients in understanding this system, complying with the requirements when needed, and receiving what their compliance with the law should by right provide to them.


The Illinois Mechanics Lien Act

At the center of most of my work is the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act, which, contrary to the usual meaning of the word "mechanic," has to do with construction on real property in the State of Illinois, rather than on machines. This part of the law can be complex and confusing, particularly for people (including lawyers who practice in other fields) who do not deal with its strict details on a regular, daily basis.

Whatever role you may have in a construction project (contractor, sub, worker, material vendor, owner, lender, condo association, title company), you need to know the structure of the Illinois Mechanics Lien Act in order to fulfill your obligations, and receive the benefits which your compliance with those obligations entitles you. Most participants must provide certain documentation and other information, with the result that the project is completed properly and the full and proper amounts are paid.

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Other Construction Related Matters

Although the cases I handle personally deal with mechanics liens, I can assist with many other matters by helping you find a qualified, experienced attorney who handles other matters which I do not. Feel free to call, write, or email me if you have questions about how to proceed.

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