Interior Design Title Act
(225 ILCS 310/)



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Sec. 1. Short title.
Sec. 2. Public policy.
Sec. 3. Definitions.
Sec. 4. Use of Title.
Sec. 4.5. Unregistered practice; violation; civil penalty.
Sec. 5. Powers and duties of the Department.
Sec. 6. Board of Interior Design Professionals.
Sec. 7. Board recommendations.
Sec. 8. Requirements for registration.

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Sec. 9. Expiration; renewal; restoration.
Sec. 10. Foreign applicants.
Sec. 11. Fees.
Sec. 12. Returned checks; penalties.
Sec. 13. Refusal, revocation or suspension of registration.
Sec. 14. Investigations; Notice of hearing.
Sec. 15. Disciplinary actions.
Sec. 16. Hearings.

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Sec. 17. Attendance of witnesses; Production of documents.
Sec. 18. Recommendations for disciplinary action; Action by Director.
Sec. 19. Hearing officer.
Sec. 20. Restoration.
Sec. 21. Administrative Review Law.
Sec. 22. Revocation orders.
Sec. 23. Confidential information; Disclosure.
Sec. 24. Reports of violation.
Sec. 25. Injunctions.
Sec. 26. Unlawful use; second offenses.
Sec. 27. Filing registration or diploma of another.
Sec. 28. Advertising.
Sec. 29. Illinois Administrative Procedure Act.
Sec. 30. Interior Design Administration and Investigation Fund.
Sec. 31. Home rule.

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