On this page, find a listing of various legal resources relating to Illinois mechanics liens and construction, including statutes, selected cases, commentary, and forms.



1. Illinois Mechanics Lien Act (Now Indexed)

a. Sections 1 through 11

b. Sections 12 through 21

c. Sections 21.01 through 23

d. Sections 24 through 39 (end)

e. Full Statute (Loads slowly - above partial listings recommended)

2. Illinois Condominium Act (Index Only)

3. Illinois Home Repair & Remodeling Act

4. Illinois Building and Construction Contract Act

5. Elevator Tactile Identification Act

6. Home Repair Fraud Act

7. Interior Design Title Act



1. Krzyminski v. Dziadkowiec

2. Rangel v. Brookhaven

3. LaHood v. Central Illinois Construction

4. Mirar v. Kroner

5. Westcon v. Walsh


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