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Remember that this information, while detailed and accurate at the time it was written, is a general statement of the law and not specifically tailored to your situation. Although this site provides extensive information, no single work could possibly provide all of the information needed to thoroughly explain every possible aspect and nuance of this area of the law. A thorough understanding of mechanics lien matters requires an understanding of many other, related areas of the law, such as contract law, property law, collections, bankruptcy, evidence, banking regulations, and others. Further, every area of the law is constantly being changed and refined by courts and legislatures. Finally, the law is highly fact-specific, meaning that some detail of your specific situation might change the advice that would be given to someone else with what seems like a very similar case.

The question arose during the creation of this site, of whether it was possible to provide too much information on the site for free. After all, if people know how to handle mechanics lien issues on their own, why would they hire someone else to do it? (see the Short & Straight page, question on What Do you Really Want?)

Too much good and useful information is not a concern for the following reasons.

  • First, because this site cannot be tailored to a specific case, because the law is always changing, and because this site does not even attempt to explain areas outside of mechanics liens, it cannot possibly provide everything one needs to know in order to use this material as the full and final guide on what to do.
  • Second, mechanics liens affect aspects of people's lives where chances should not be taken lightly, like losing a building or a mortgage, or bankrupting a business. This site has some generally good ideas, but when it comes to a matter of this degree of seriousness, "generally good" isn't generally good enough to rely on. This site can alert you to some situations where you will want a definitive answer about whether this is the right thing for you to do or not, in your specific situation. Since this site was written without knowing your specific situation, it can't possibly provide the specific advice you need. Specific legal advice gives you the specific protection you need to keep your home and business intact.

Therefore, this site will be useful to you, not because it will allow you to avoid hiring a lawyer when you need one, but because it will help you to identify some times when you need a lawyer that you would not previously have identified, and also help you to know what a lawyer can do for you. Keep in mind that, in the event you decide that your situation requires legal advice, you can hire any lawyer you want. Just don't try to go without advice when you know you need it.

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