Illinois Mechanics Liens



Illinois Mechanics Lien Act



(770 ILCS 60/0.01 et seq.)


Part One of Four

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Sec. 0.01. Short title.
Sec. 1. Contractor's Lien
Sec. 1.1. No-Lien Contracts Unenforceable
Sec. 2. Wrong Land by Mistake
Sec. 3. Married Persons' Lands
Sec. 4. Right to Abandon Work for Nonpayment
Sec. 5. Contractor's Notice to Owner
Sec. 6. No Completion Date Required, Three-Year Work Limit
Sec. 7. Four-Month Date versus Third Parties
Sec. 8. Lien Rights Assignable
Sec. 9. Contractor's Right to Suit.
Sec. 10. Representatives may exercise rights.
Sec. 11. Form of Pleading

Part Two of Four

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Sec. 12. Amendments to Pleadings; Receivers
Sec. 13. Defendant shall answer as in other civil actions.
Sec. 14. No Delay of Trial for Want of Preparation
Sec. 15. Contract Date No Preference
Sec. 16. Preference as to Improved Value
Sec. 17. Attorneys Fees and Costs.
Sec. 18. Sale of Owner's Interest; Subdivision
Sec. 19. Court to Apportion Liens
Sec. 20. Right of Redemption
Sec. 21 Subcontractor's Lien

Part Three of Four

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Sec. 21.01. Waiver Fraud: Crime
Sec. 21.02. Construction trust funds.
Sec. 22. Relationships: Owners, Contractors, and Subcontractors
Sec. 23. Liens against public funds.

Part Four of Four

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Sec. 24. Subcontractors' Notice.
Sec. 25. When Owner Cannot be Located.
Sec. 26. Wage Preference and Priority.
Sec. 27. Priority of Claims.
Sec. 28. Right to Suit Upon Demand for Payment.
Sec. 30. Owner's Interpleader Action
Sec. 31. Adjudication on Application of any Contractor or Subcontractor.
Sec. 32. Owner Must Demand Notices.
Sec. 34. Demand For Suit.
Sec. 35. Demand for Waiver and Release.
Sec. 36. Removal or Sale of Materials Delivered to Site
Sec. 37. Boats, Barges, Watercraft, and Mobile Homes
Sec. 38. Recorder of Deeds
Sec. 39. Remedial Act

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